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arrthouse asked: Ka-Zar and Kang on next spec ops!!

It’s soooo good.  I’m loving this Ops-though Kang joining the team is a bit odd.  i can’t wait to get him and find out his story.

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I’m thinking of doing some tutorials on this blog for newcomers.

What would you all like to see;

How to collect SHIELD Points

How class bonuses work

How to spend gold

Something else?

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arrthouse asked: Well, this will be the first time she can use a multitude of powers and passives, from friends and foes. The class thing is cool on our game, but i think MH is really making her feel more like Rogue instead of just making her a brawler that can sometimes maybe occasionally steal a move. But of course, things what they're doing now would be VERY hard to put in games I grew up playing like X-Men Legends or Next Dimension.

This is true, I’m always glad to see my X-Ladies finally getting proper treatment.

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Anonymous asked: Hi idk if you'd know the answer to this but in avengers alliance once you unlock a character using the lock boxes do you still need command points to actually recruit them?


If I recall correctly, once you get all the covers from the lockboxes, you’ll get the character. No CP needed at that point.


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Correct; once you get all 8 covers, the character is unlocked, no CP needed.

Covert Ops, on the other hand, do require CP once you complete them.

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arrthouse asked: Oh my god, Marvel Heroes are releasing Rogue soon and finally a game is doing her justice. She's freaking amazing, check her out on youtube

I will!  Although I think they do her some justice in M:AA too (Though admittedly, I think any game that includes her is doing justice as is)

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arrthouse asked: The new Gamora is insanely good as is her alt, but I can't decide whether to pair her with Groot so he'll guaranteed hit since his acc is so low, or with Rocket so she can OHKO people with everything having a deadly crit!

Ooooh! Tough call. Maybe rocket?

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Anonymous asked: I hope Spider-Woman is one of the Worthy

I concur, anonymous friend.

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Anonymous asked: Modern Star-Lord or Guardian Groot? I'm torn :(

Guardian Groot for now.  Immunity to fatal blow is insanely good.

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Anonymous asked: Duuude, Gamora is going to kill pvp with her alt now omg, Imagine her with Drax or Star-Lord? Everybody just go home.

Especially her and rocket.  Guaranteed hit+guaranteed crit=bye