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It would be super awesome if the people at M:AA were able to put in a “rush” feature. It wouldn’t come without a price why is why I think it’s more than fair. But let me explain:

Let’s say you only have a few minutes a day to play. But you need to get a mission done. It would be cool if you could…

That’s not a bad idea at all-I know there are plenty of times if rather just skip to a heroic battle to farm it than play every single fight leading up to it over and over

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Falcon will likely be the last character I get in Marvel Avengers Alliance since they are closing the game on playdom and I’ve yet to be offered a transfer to another platform.

Did you file a ticket through Playdom support? I believe you have to do that first. If you did, it might take a while to respond, since there are many requests in que.