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arrthouse asked: The new Gamora is insanely good as is her alt, but I can't decide whether to pair her with Groot so he'll guaranteed hit since his acc is so low, or with Rocket so she can OHKO people with everything having a deadly crit!

Ooooh! Tough call. Maybe rocket?

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Anonymous asked: I hope Spider-Woman is one of the Worthy

I concur, anonymous friend.

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Anonymous asked: Modern Star-Lord or Guardian Groot? I'm torn :(

Guardian Groot for now.  Immunity to fatal blow is insanely good.

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Anonymous asked: Duuude, Gamora is going to kill pvp with her alt now omg, Imagine her with Drax or Star-Lord? Everybody just go home.

Especially her and rocket.  Guaranteed hit+guaranteed crit=bye

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arrthouse asked: I got Medusa and kinda like her

she has an interesting moveset.  I’ve got her to level 3 at the moment

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Anonymous asked: Medusa seems really fun!

I can’t wait to try her when I get home!

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boopydoopydoopdoosex asked: I'm having a bit of trouble with Drax's tasks, specifically the (I think) 4th one, with the regenerating enemies. It's the first one that recommends at least level 6. Any tips?

Get him a little higher, build up his attack, and give him e and a iso’s that increase crits.

It took me two days worth of sim points to do it finally.

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arrthouse asked: So I completely ignored our conversation and recruited Rocket and snatched his generalist alt. And he's freaking amazing

No complaints, I love rocket.

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arrthouse asked: Yeah I figured, and I might do that eventually, but I'm still so new :) Ares might be a good choice though, his A-ISO is pretty amazing

It works well against counter classes and everyone else