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arrthouse asked: What do you think: buy Groot or save for Medusa? Or both?

Wait for the Next SO if you’re low on CP’s.  That way, you won’t have to worry about not having the heroes, and I feel like Medusa’s gonna be a little while.

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Anonymous asked: I was going through your asks... Who's Stepford Cuckoos?

The Stepford Cuckoos are a hive mind.  Formerally five, two of the sisters died, leaving just Mindee, Phoebe and Celeste.  They were raised from cells harvested from Emma Frost.  And they just look fabulous.

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Anonymous asked: Being a gay fan I would love to see more LGBT heroes. ._.

Me too!  I’m a trans-female who chooses to live a man due to my societal situation for now (we’ll see how things play out once I get more comfortable in life), and the lack of LGBT heroes is depressing.

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Anonymous asked: I've thinking and, It would be cool if you went to the cinema to see a Marvel film and the ticket or you get a waver for a costume related to the film for the game. Movies get more money, game gets promotion. Seems effective but so unlikely. Just a thought though :/

That would be amazing!  If I had the powers, I would move it on up to the higher echelons of Playdom and Marvel.

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Mr. Quill being released with his movie costume instead of his "modern" normal suit?

To be fair, I don’t read comics (not because I don’t want to, but because I hate coming into a story that’s already been started) so I’m not too worried about it. However, I kind of like the movie costume personally, so I’m okay with it

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Anonymous asked: Teamed up the tree with the tincan today, I AM GROOT and all of tony's suits kept procing x) it was great

That sounds perfect, especially when you get coordinated attack too

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javertthejollypastrychef asked: do they get rid of group bosses before the special ops is over? Because I was one fight away from beating Bastion and now he's not there anymore and I'm either about to cry or throw a bitch fit

That seems to be a common thing, actually. I’ve never had it happen, but others have reported it

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Anonymous asked: Will Groot be taken into consideration for pvp defense for you? :3

Maybe.  He’s a really good tank-if I can build his defense up and team him with a power hitter, that may be what my team needs!

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Cadence: End Kickstarter-Six more days to go!


I’m sure you all remember me posting about a Kickstarter for my upcoming childrens book, Cadence: End, a while back. Due to some issues, I had to restart it, and, with some good news attached, I reached my goal! As part of that, I’ve been giving updates including excerpts from the book and pieces…

Some info about my books kickstarter!  Check it out!