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Although, if you grab his EISO’s, it’ll make you feel a little better

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Anonymous asked: You know who would be fun? Mysterio. and he has his classic and Ultimate costumes and the buffs and debufffs would be a challenge seeing as he is the master of illusion.

Part of me is going “yes, yes, good.”  The other part is imagining PD making him a Fantomex rip-off.

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Anonymous asked: Any good rulk pvp defense tips/guide? Hehe

Using him on defense, or playing against him?  As far as using him goes, his AI plays him pretty smart, so his Bulwark passive can build up some impressive health draining, but he’s not the most powerful hitter.  Against him, use stealthy or psychic teams-that eliminates his life-draining ability, which is his real strength.

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javertthejollypastrychef asked: Does Shaw's "Energy reserves" animation give anyone else the skeeves? It's like, sir we're in the middle of a battle, I'm going to have to ask you to stop groping your chest.

Right? I mean, we all appreciate a good nipple rub here and there, but not when they’re getting attacked by a psychic mutant. Unless…

Gasp! That’s sick, SebShaw

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Anonymous asked: Maybe Instead of a Empowered-Isos, The Symbiotes could have a team buff, with black suit Spidey :3

That would actually work out really well, and it’d be a lot more fun!

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mindsetx asked: I haven't played In two months 😭what have I missed? (Besides daily CP)

Anti-Venom, Sandman, Shanna Covert Ops, start of PvP 16, start of SO19, and chapter 6 release.

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Anonymous asked: The ask about fancharacters made me smile. One of my favourite things is thinking up movesets, classes, etc. for DC characters! Batman, for example, is definitely an Infiltrator. Superman's a Bruiser. Green Arrow, Tactician. Red Tornado, Blaster. Wonder Woman's a Scrapper, and so is Harley Quinn, although in Harley's case, you have to unlock her by collecting Clownish Lockboxes...

I don’t like DC generally, but I’ll play any game that allows me to be Harley Quinn