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Anonymous asked: Are you going to do hero reviews again soon..? :/

I want to, but I just don’t have the time to do the detailed ones. However, if there’s a demand for them, I’ll start picking them back up with a little less detail (such as no pictures).

We’ll see what people think

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Anonymous asked: Two things. 1.) I'm not complaining like I love The symbiotes But I heard the Agent Venom was the only one that would be playable? 2.) Any recs for teamups and gear for an agent venom team for pvp?

As for the first part, I think they meant from the original Symbiote (the one that created Venom, which is now being worn by both Flash and Mac.)  Since Anti-Venom is a whole other origin, it makes sense in game.

Second part-honestly, from what I hear, he isn’t an especially spectacular PvP fighter sue to his unpredictability.  I would suggest a team that causes lots of debuffs so when he does change form, you can use his level 9 to inflict massive damage.